08 july, 2020

How A Virtual Assistant Can Helps You To Be A Super Mom?

We all have 24 hours in a day and it depends on us that how we utilize the hours effectively. So, every woman after becoming a mother face hurdles in care of a child. It is very hard for a mother to keep a balance between home, office or business management all alone without any help. Most of the mothers, prefer to hire any babysitter or nannies but still they are unable to handle all tasks related to grocery, shopping or social gatherings.

Most of the times, due to frustration and workload, such moms need to sacrifice their jobs or businesses just for the sake of childcare which can hurt their self-respect, esteem or sense of accomplishment in the life. Sometimes, moms become lazier and fruitless in organizing their family life with kids and husband. It is not necessary that mothers need to do all the tasks by themselves while taking all the headache, they can acquire anyone’s help easily. Now the thing is that who will help them, as the fathers or in-laws could be very busy in their own routines and domestic workers are not trained for the professional and active work.

With the boom of the E-commerce and mobile business applications, many companies globally are giving facility of hiring virtual assistants just on one click with option of different services and weekly, monthly customized packages.

A Virtual Assistant is usually connected with a mother through online application or a mobile phone, asks the questions related to the assistance tasks needed for a day and make a proper timetable for social media, E-Mail, event management, shopping, grocery, health-care appointments, hiring labor for house tasks and reminders for the important events. A mother can save a lot of time from her daily routine with proper coordination with the VA, thus giving more chance of spending more time with the family, friends and relatives without feeling any type of guilt.

As the VA don’t have any office, so we can hire from anywhere in the world according to the type of expertise or tasks we need. Usually companies from US and Canada appoints a VA for 25 dollars per hour but we can hire a VA personally with any reference.

Need help in Personal Tasks

Being a devoted mother, there are many personal tasks in managing home properly in which a personal assistant helps in like managing birthday party for a kid, needs to maintain list of guests in MS Word, ordering customized cakes, decorations, gifts, grocery, cloths, shoes, jewelry, furniture, settings appointments with doctors, managing travel plans, tickets/hotel reservations and billing.

Need Help in Professional Tasks

No matter, you are running a business or doing a higher need, you can just take help from the virtual assistant in doing the legal documentations, market research, clients research, calling clients for appointments, preparing company’s portfolio. E-mail management, Social media management-i.e. Running pages, preparing content, posters and graphics and academic research work.

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